Apple Macbook Pro 13 Inci 2019

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Spesifikasi teknis lengkap untuk Apple Macbook Pro 13 Inci 2019, termasuk kecepatan prosesor, ruang hard drive, memori, dan lainnya. Harga Apple Macbook Pro 13 Inci 2019 terbaru 2021 kira-kira berapa ya? Temukan daftar harga Apple Macbook Pro 13 Inci 2019 disini. Bandingkan dan dapatkan harga terbaik Apple Macbook Pro 13 Inci 2019 sebelum belanja online. Periksa promo,review, spesifikasi, dan warna. Sebelum menilik daftar harga Apple Macbook Pro 13 Inci 2019 terbaru, simak kabar terbaru sistem operasi beserta kelebihannya berikut ini.

MacBook Pro 1 inch 1
MacBook Pro 1 inch 1 | Apple Macbook Pro 13 Inch 2019

Apple Macbook Pro 13 Inci 2019

As an aside Tuesday, Apple also announced that it’s refreshing both MacBook Air and the 17-inch MacBook Pro, though both systems will largely retain their existing industrials designs.

MacBook Air

The new MacBook Air, which continues to weigh in at 3 pounds and measure only 0.16-inches at its thinnest point and 0.76-inches at its thickets, now includes the new NVIDIA GeForce 9400M integrated graphics chipset and a faster architecture to provide robust support for 3D games and enhanced performance.

New models will start at $1,799 and be made available with a 120GB 4200 rpm hard drive when they go on sale in November, a 50 percent increase from the previous generation, or a new 128GB solid state drive. Like the new 13-inch MacBook and 15-inch MacBook Pro, the MacBook Air also includes a next generation, industry-standard Mini DisplayPort to connect with the new 24-inch Apple LED Cinema Display.

The new Mini DisplayPort delivers a pure digital signal that can drive up to a 30-inch widescreen display, and is ultra-compact at just 10 percent the size of a full DVI connector.

The 1.6 GHz MacBook Air is priced at $1,799 and includes:

The 1.86 GHz MacBook Air will sell for $2,499 and include:

Build-to-order options and accessories for the MacBook Air include the MacBook Air SuperDrive, Apple USB Ethernet Adapter, Mini DisplayPort to DVI Adapter, Mini DisplayPort to Dual-Link DVI Adapter (for 30-inch DVI display), Mini DisplayPort to VGA Adapter, Apple USB Modem, Apple MagSafe Airline Adapter, Apple Remote and the AppleCare Protection Plan.

17-inch MacBook Pro

Meanwhile, the updated 17-inch MacBook Pro keeps its original aluminum design, and now comes standard with a high resolution 1920 x 1200 LED-backlit display and a larger 320GB hard drive or an optional 128GB solid state drive.

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